ICAP joins international organizations through international cooperation funds to meet regional needs and challenges, through projects that drive the development of Central America.
Our experience in regional cooperation projects includes:

Banco Interamericano para el Desarrollo.

Stages I and II of the Project on regional mechanism for comprehensive risk management and adoption of climate shielding in public infrastructure.

Executed jointly with CEPREDENAC and Associations of municipalities of Central America.

Secretaría General del SICA.

Execution of the Regional Diploma in the Prevention of Violence against women.

Secretaría General del SICA

Stages I and II of the Professionalization and Technification Project of the police and instances linked to security and justice at the national and regional level.

Secretaría General del SICA

Training program in Central American regional integration of the Second Program of Support for Central American Regional Integration PAIRCA II.

Secretaría General del SICA

Program on the design and implementation of a virtual diploma in border security and integrated border management, SEFRO with the Regional Border Security Program in Central America.