At ICAP we offer solutions to the needs and challenges of public and private institutions through our consulting, advisory and training services.

Through our consultancies, we help organizations identify opportunities for improvement, with clear proposals for action and recommendations to transform the institution.

The advisory services provide support to organizations, for the implementation of improvement actions, through coaching, organizational learning communities and knowledge management, focused on institutional improvement.

Our training programs strengthen the capacities of organizations to meet the challenges of the country and the region. They adapt to the requirements of the organizations, both in their thematic content and in the execution modality.

We offer support through coaching, organizational learning communities and knowledge management, to facilitate the implementation of actions aimed at strengthening and innovation of organizations.
Through the signing of inter-institutional agreements we have recently worked with:

Ministry of Economy and Finance of Panama

Implementation of a training program.

Design of guides for the formulation and evaluation.

Manual of rules and procedures for the Public Investment System.

Government of Honduras

Development of the Eurojustice Program focused on communication and visibility.

Municipal Development and Advisory Institute of Costa Rica

Exchange of experiences in municipal management at SICA.

Development of municipal management indicators.

Award for Excellence in Municipal Management.

Institute on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence of Costa Rica

Institutional strategic strengthening.

Ministry of Culture and Youth of Costa Rica and its attached bodies

Organizational development.

Procedural manuals

Integral management models.

Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers

Strengthening of the organizational structure.

We analyze opportunities for improvement or problems that require a diagnosis, a proposal for action or recommendations, aimed at promoting organizational transformation and improvement.
We support the member governments, in order to give practical answers to particular problems, in order to achieve the efficiency, effectiveness and effectiveness of institutional management.
Among the latest consultancies we have done through inter-institutional agreements are:

Development Banking System, Costa Rica

A model of productive chains.

A knowledge management model.

A study of financial market offer for MSMEs.

Generation of instruments for the regulation and management of funds for the SBD system.

A business incubator model with seed capital.

National Council of Concessions of Costa Rica

Design of a quality management system.

Regulatory Authority of Public Services of Costa Rica

Study of models of regulation in water, electricity, hydrocarbons and transport.

Costa Rican Institute of Electricity

Economic adjustment and cost-benefit analysis of the Diquis project.

Ministry of Culture of Costa Rica and its attached bodies

Feasibility studies, analysis and improvement of processes and management, strategic communication and quality.

Mixed Institute of Social Assistance of Costa Rica

Design of the gender equality and equity policy and action plan.

Facilitation of the 2016-2020 Institutional Strategic Plan.

United Nations Development Program

Study on citizen security policies, violence prevention in SICA countries.

Ministry of National Planning and Economic Policy of Costa Rica

Evaluation of programs of the National Production Council.

The ICAP makes available to organizations, various training programs through which knowledge is deepened, management tools are provided and the competencies of government sector personnel are strengthened, in order to support institutional transformation and innovation.
We have provided training to officials of the following institutions:

Central American Air Navigation Services Corporation

Comprehensive skills development program for institutional strengthening in all member countries.

Ministry of Finance of Costa Rica

Management skills program and the design and analysis of programmatic structures.

Ministry of Public Education of Costa Rica

Management skills and human talent management program for educational management.

Pan American Health Organization

Diploma for human resources policy managers in health.

Ministry of Health of Costa Rica

Competency training program for management.

Ministry of Public Works and Transportation of Costa Rica

Course of strategic planning and management for results.

Costa Rica Road Safety Council

Program on public investment project management.

Costa Rica Public Transportation Council

Dimension process Public Transport Service and Service Programming.