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La diversidad “en los tiempos del cólera”

Diversity "in the time of cholera"

MSc. Juan Antonio Calderón Rodríguez It is currently said that Costa Rica is advancing on the issue of sexual diversity and it is said that today the country is working for the inclusive rights of all these populations, but really ...

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Población Adulta Mayor en Costa Rica

Older Adult Population in Costa Rica

Marilyn Jenkins Reyes, Social Worker. The elderly population in Costa Rica is increasing, since fertility and mortality rates have decreased since the last 50 years, a situation that leads to a more aged country. In this regard, what has been ...

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Cuando los caminos se acaban

When the roads end

Dr. Jean Paul Vargas jvargas@icap.ac.cr When all the roads finish, the real journey begins. With this idea of ​​Jacques Lacan we can introduce the importance and urgency of creating multisectoral spaces for dialogue on the reform and modernization of the State. The institutional hypertrophy they have suffered ...

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The Future of the Region: Public Function in Central American Integration

By Jonattan Murillo Ugalde When talking about integration between Central American countries, few consider the importance of culture to achieve the final purpose; However, the only way to achieve the union of Central America is through integration from cultural diversity (Cuenín,…

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Lo que un app de administración pública debe tener para que sea exitosa

What a public administration app must have to be successful

Today, telecommunications have invaded our lives in every possible area. Having a computer or smart device has become, for the vast majority, a necessity to perform. And in public administration has not been the exception, since it ...

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