Diploma in
Public-Private Partnerships

A public-private partnership is a collaboration between two or more public and private sector organizations through a strategic and voluntary commitment to promote economic and social development and welfare.

Our Diploma provides the skills and management techniques necessary to understand the operation of this mechanism, understand the dynamics of private public partnerships in the current global economic environment and develop analytical skills to understand their role in promoting competitiveness in the changing business environment in which we live.


  •    Develop and improve the skills of professionals in Public Management and Government with an emphasis on Public-Private Partnerships for Development (APPD).

Who is it for?

It is aimed at high-level public managers with decisive capacity, linked to the processes of formulation, implementation and, particularly, monitoring and evaluation of public policies.

Curriculum structure

The academic load is distributed in three modules of two courses each:

  •    Module 1. Introduction and general aspects of Public-Private Partnerships.

  •    Module 2. Public-Private Partnerships for Development and the International Economic Environment.

  •    Module 3. Public-Private articulation for Development: competitiveness, adaptation to change in the business environment and public management.

Modality, duration and schedule

96 hours

(6 months, 8 sessions of 4 hours each per module)

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Teachers Council

We have a teaching team made up of outstanding professionals at national and regional level.

Vinicio Sandí Meza

Doctor in Institutional Economics, University of Malaysia.

Research and Extension Coordinator at ICAP.

Diploma in Public-Private Partnerships