Diploma in
Formulation and Evaluation
of Public Investment Projects

The Diploma prepares professionals and technicians from public and private institutions, so that they have the necessary skills to formulate and evaluate project proposals, being able to determine the political, social, financial, economic and environmental viability of the projects. In addition, have the ability to assess their impact on their organizations.


  •    Train professionals and technicians specialized in preinvestment, with contextual, technical and behavioral skills, which empowers them to formulate and evaluate proposals for any type of projects at the level of feasibility studies, both public and private.

Who is it for?

Our diplomas are aimed at professionals from the managerial and managerial level, technicians and others from the public and private sector who wish to strengthen management skills.

Curriculum structure

The academic load is distributed in six courses, with extra class work for the development of conceptual guides, exercises and case studies:

  •    Logical Framework Approach for Project Preparation and Evaluation.
  •    Development Project Formulation.
  •    Development Project Formulation.
  •    Economic and Social Evaluation of Projects.
  •    Environmental Impact Assessment in Projects and Disaster Risk Management in Public Investment Projects.

Modality, duration and schedule

Face to face
212 hours

(132 academic hours and 80 extra class hours)

To agree

(1 course per month, 4 days per course)

Teachers Council

We have a teaching team made up of outstanding professionals at national and regional level.

Ramón Rosales Posas

Economist and Master in Economics with emphasis on Economic Policies.

ICAP Academic Coordinator.

Sergio Vega Mayorga

Master in Public Administration with Emphasis on Formulation and Administration of Development Projects.

Project Management Technician and Member of the ADIPRO Board of Directors.

Luis Santiago Vindas Montero

Agricultural Engineer with a specialty in Phytotechnics and Master in Business Administration with a specialty in Finance and Marketing.

Project Management Professional at ADIPRO Costa Rica.

Diploma in Formulation and Evaluation of Public Investment Projects