Diploma in
Quality Management
of Hospital Care

The Diploma provides professional skills to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the quality of hospital care from its proper evaluation, to ensure the safety and satisfaction of patients.

It promotes a new vision of a public hospital that adequately interprets the needs of the users and the quality requirements of the hospital organization.


  •    Provide the necessary elements for hospital managers to implement adequate processes to guarantee the quality of care provided in these health centers, based on their proper evaluation.

Who is it for?

Our diplomas are aimed at professionals from the managerial and managerial level, technicians and others from the public and private sector who wish to strengthen management skills.

Curriculum structure

The academic load is distributed in seven courses:

  •    Introduction to the health system.
  •    Health ethics
  •    Hospital strategic planning.
  •    Hospital processes
  •    Theory of quality.
  •    Policies for quality management.
  •    Quality Management

Modality, duration and schedule

Face to face

(The virtual mode could be considered)

100 hours

(72 academic hours and 28 extra class hours)

Saturdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Teachers Council

We have a teaching team made up of outstanding professionals at national and regional level.

Mauricio Vargas Fuentes

Surgeon Specialist and Master in Health Administration.

Director de la Escuela de Salud Pública de la Universidad de Costa Rica.

Humberto Miranda Rivas

Psychologist specializing in public policies.

Coordinator of the Master's Degree in Quality Management at ICAP.

Orlando Urroz Torres

Master in Health Services Administration and Total Quality Management, Sheffield Hallam University.

Surgeon Specialist in Critical Medicine and Intensive Care and Pediatric and Neonatal Surgery.

Diploma in Quality Management of Hospital Care