Master in
Civil Aviation Management

This Master's degree develops professionals specialized in civil aviation management that contribute to the innovative development of the aeronautical sector, with a clear awareness of the goals of environmental improvements, safety, service to society in specialized professional practice and the application of research techniques that promote studies for the sustainable development of international civil aviation.

To whom?

Management Officers of Civil Aviation Authorities (AACs), people working in Airlines, Airports and Aircraft Maintenance Organizations. In addition to Officials of the different Government Ministries and other civil aviation related entities and professionals interested in expanding their knowledge to get involved in management processes of the aeronautical sector.

Thematic areas

  • Reality and challenges of Civil Aviation International

  • Management Skills

  • Specialization in Civil Aviation
  • Applied research

Curriculum structure

The master's degree consists of 65 credits, 17 courses and the final graduation work.





Modality, duration and schedule

21 months
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Master in Civil Aviation Management