ICAP has a team of associate researchers, academics, students and other collaborators from the Central American Region, Panama and the Dominican Republic, who produce articles and other working documents, in topics related to public administration and Central American integration.

Our goal is to make the studies available to users, in order to increase knowledge and research capacity in the region.

All documents produced by ICAP are approved by an Editorial Committee, responsible for reviewing the submitted manuscripts, advising on the criteria and objectives of the various publications, identifying themes for special issues and attracting new researchers and collaborators.

Central American Journal of Public Administration

The Magazine is characterized by:

  •    Be a scientific and indexed magazine
  •    To be the only specialized magazine in Public Administration of Central America
  •    It has been published continuously since 1981
  •    It is published semiannually (two annual issues)
  •    It constitutes a space for the discussion of new trends in Public Administration

Central American Notebooks

The ICAP Central American Notebooks are published every three months, and are open to all the currents of thought that advocate the development of the discipline of Public Administration and Central American Integration.


ICAP publishes non-periodically, scientific publications specialized in topics related to the discipline of Public Administration and Central American Integration.