Master in
Development Project Management (Virtual)

The Master's program in Development Project Management has favored decision makers in Central America, since through the program they have acquired analytical and creative abilities to address the problems of project formulation, evaluation and administration.

General Objective

Train professionals who can efficiently allocate public resources to achieve the appropriate results in time, costs, scope and quality in the management of investment projects.

Specific objective

Master Science in Development Project Management

The academic level and the nature of the Program of studies seek academic excellence, which requires great dedication of both teachers and students, to achieve success. Degree recognized by the state universities of Central America.


The Program allows the participants to the extent that the study pensum is implemented, to develop capacities to implement the learning-doing approach, this is achieved when the participants organized in a group, carry out a feasibility study of an institution represented by the participant of the group.

The program is developed under the virtual modality in the ICAP Virtual Campus accompanied by resolution of conceptual guides, investigations, tasks, case studies, group work, participation in forums, chats, among others.

Academic level and nature of the program

The curriculum requires great dedication from both teachers and students, to achieve the expected success. Academic excellence is sought at all times.


• Curriculum vitae.
• Copy of the certification of notes.
• Proof of professional experience.
• Copy of identity card or passport.
• Complete the admission application form
• Digital passport size photograph of a photo studio
• Copy of the bachelor's or bachelor's degree from both sides.
Documents must be sent to: Mrs. Evelyn Leiva:

Telephones: (506) 2253-2287 and 2253-4059
Address: Postgraduate Programs Center, east side of the POPS ice cream shop in Curridabat, San José, Costa Rica.