Master in
Environmental Management
and Local Development

During the development of this Master's degree the student will strengthen his technical and managerial knowledge, which will allow to carry out an adequate management and integration of the environment and local development within the framework of his executive functions.

In this area, ethics in decision making is essential to promote business development and good public management, respecting nature-friendly principles and values.

To whom?

It is aimed at professionals who work in managerial and technical-managerial positions, within public, private and non-profit organizations.

This program is aimed at people and organizations dedicated to local development and interested in knowing environmental management models that allow their companies or institutions to operate with efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability, through the application of tools and strategies that take into account the challenging dynamics of climate change and the risk of natural disasters.

Thematic areas

  •    Development Projects
  •    Local and sustainable development.
  •    Research.

Curriculum structure

The Master's Degree consists of 69 credits, 60 corresponding to courses and 9 credits of Final Graduation Work.





Modality, duration and schedule

Semi-face to face
24 months
Saturdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

(2 Saturdays per month)

Teachers Council

We have a teaching team made up of outstanding professionals at national and regional level.

Ma. Gabriela Arias Cabalceta

Doctor in Economic and Business Sciences.

Coordinator of the Financing and Investment Process of the Financial Operations Department, Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad.

Igor Zúñiga Garita

Forestry Engineer, with a Master in Project Management.

Expert and teacher in Environmental Impact Assessment.

Marietta Lizano Martínez

Master in Environmental and Energy Law.

Professor in Environmental Legislation at the Autonomous University of Monterrey and the University of Costa Rica.

Álvaro Rivas Villatoro

Doctor in Economic and Business Sciences and Master in Economic Policy with Mention in External Sector and International Relations.

Professor and researcher at the National University of Costa Rica, the Latin University of Costa Rica and the PROHUMANA 21 Costa Rica Foundation.

Master in Environmental Management and Local Development