Master in
Management of Construction Contracts
and Public Infrastructure

This Master's degree provides participants with specialized technical knowledge in administrative contracting, work, and public infrastructure, from legal and engineering expertise, in order to improve the processes of public contract management.

To whom?

It is especially aimed at public officials, engineers, administrators, professionals in law and in general servers or employees of the public or private sector, with minimal knowledge and experience in public procurement, who seek to improve their training and skills in conception,development, supervision and control of public, national and local public works and infrastructure contracts.

Thematic areas

  •    Hiring of public works.
  •    Public Infrastructure
  •    Research.

Curriculum structure

The Master's Degree consists of 69 credits distributed in 20 courses and the Final Graduation Work.





Modality, duration and schedule

Face to face

* Master classes.

24 months
To be defined

Teachers Council

We have a teaching team made up of outstanding professionals at national and regional level.

Erick Hess Araya

Master in Political Science, University of Pittsburgh.

Teacher of the Research Methodology area.

Henry Hernández Vega

Civil Engineer and Master in Transportation Engineering.

Researcher at Lanamme, University of Costa Rica.

Luis Guillermo Loría Salazar

Doctor in Civil Engineering.

General Coordinator of the Transportation Infrastructure Program, Lanamme, University of Costa Rica.

Master in Management of Construction Contracts and Public Infrastructure