Research and Outreach

Research at ICAP aims at creating, managing and expanding knowledge.

In consulting and academic activities, research is a transversal and essential element for the generation and transmission of knowledge. Our research goal aims at improving processes, solving problems and making decisions to transform and innovate the field of public administration.

Through research projects ICAP builds models, develops computer applications (Apps) for tablets and other mobile devices, produces Journals, articles, books and papers on topics related to public administration in Central America in relation to its integration process.

Our objective is to contribute to the development of society, promoting the capacity of individuals to learn by and for themselves, to break paradigms, to innovate, and to ask questions critically with intellectual autonomy.

Research for


Problems solving &
decision making research:

- Books
- Journals
- Models
- Apps
- PhD Dissertations
- Good practices
- Suggestions for improvement
- Diagnostics
- Models
- Methodologies
- Tools
- Techniques


Our publications deliver ICAP’s studies to their users, in order to increase knowledge and research capacity in the region.


All those advisory, formative and research activities focus on identifying and analyzing problems and society demands and its local, national and regional environment. These activities play an essential role in scientific outreach, social transformation, community development and technology transfer.