Technical Assistance

ICAP has a wide range of services, including consulting, advisory, training courses and international cooperation projects.

Our technical assistance services are implemented in several Central American countries aiming at generating an impact on public entities, to strengthen their capacities and to boost Central America’s development.

ICAP’s services hallmark

Our Institutional nature

Autonomy to sign agreements and contract directly.

Our Coverage

Competence to work with central governments, decentralized institutions and local governments.

Our immediate response

Immediate response to institutions’ requests and requirements.

Our diversity of topics

We have a great deal of experience in multiple areas of expertise.

Our technical assistance programs include:

Services for organizations

We offer solutions to the needs and challenges of public and private institutions through our consulting, advisory and ongoing training services.

Cooperation projects

ICAP works with international organizations through international cooperation funds to solve regional needs and challenges. We work on projects that promote Central America’s development.

Continuing education programs

Through our educational program, we offer courses and training opportunities, associate degrees, workshops and seminars. Our academic programs embrace multiple topics in order to fulfill Central America’s talent development.

Our specialization topics

We offer specialization topics which are aligned to the development agendas of the SICA members as well as to the national, regional and global challenges for Central American countries and their public entities.

Talent Management in Public Organizations

  •    Soft skills
  • Communication
  • Appreciative Leadership
  • Teamwork, negotiation and conflict resolution
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Team Coaching
  • Appreciative inquiry models
  • Strategic thinking
  • Relationships

Public management and local management

  • Formulation, execution and evaluation of public policies
  • Strategic planning
  • Strategic management
  • Transparency and prevention of administrative corruption
  • Project management development
  • Accountability
  • Public Governance
  • Gender, diversity and equity
  • Municipal and decentralization management
  • Environmental management and the local, regional and territorial development
  • Risk management
  • Resilience in local management
  • Regional public goods
  • Prevention of violence
  • Public - Private Partnerships
  • Health management
  • Social management

Development project management

  • Formulation of Development Projects
  • Project Execution Management
  • Financial project evaluation
  • Economic and social evaluation
  • Environmental impact assessment of projects
  • Risk assessment for projects
  • Evaluation of projects

Management for innovation and organizational development

  • Architecture of innovative processes
  • Change management
  • Quality management
  • Management for results
  • Management by competences
  • Innovation for the effectiveness of organizations

Financial administration

  • Public investment
  • Administration of public finances
  • Budget for results
  • Budget analysis
  • Public accounting
  • Internal control
  • Institutional Risk Assessment and SEVRI
  • Public procurement management
  • Contract management
  • Banking and Development

Entrepreneurship and business development

  • Innovation, competitiveness and adaptation to the business environment
  • Productive chains, models and approaches
  • Corporate social responsibility