ICAP´s research aims to
y expandir conocimiento
El ICAP se une a organizaciones internacionales
mediante fondos de cooperación internacional para atender necesidades y retos regionales
We specialize in
Public Administration
Through postgraduate programs and continuing education,
technical assistance and research and extension 
in the countries of the region.
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Academic Offer
Masters, Doctorates, Diplomas
and Free Courses to complement your knowledge.
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Services for
Solutions to the needs and challenges of public institutions
and private through our Technical Assistance programs.
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We create, we manage
and we expand knowledge
Through our investigations,
publications and extension activities.
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para su organización, que fortalecen la cultura y el desempeño orientado a resultados.
El ICAP ofrece una amplia gama de soluciones

ICAP specializes in Public Administration We Promote Development and American Central Integration

The Central American Institute of Public Administration is the international body of the Central American Integration System specialized in public administration. We promote the development of human resources and the modernization of public sectors, while promoting Central American Integration

We work in three strategic areas: Training, we have an academic offer of 13 master´s degree and a docotrade; techincal assistance to institutions, with services such as consultancies, and a continous training program open to public; and research as a means to identify and propose solutions to the challanges of the region



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If you are a professional of Central American origin or reside in the region, regardless of your areas of expertise and believe that an INCLUSIVE, PARTICIPATORY AND SOLIDARITY DEVELOPMENT is possible from the sum of national efforts,

If you consider that from INTEGRATION we can make that leap to improve the conditions of our people; then we invite you to join the REGIONAL Directory of Public Administration Specialists.

This initiative aims to identify a wide diversity of professional talents to enhance regional training and research processes; as well as serving as a reference to multiple international organizations, foundations, civil society organizations, public administrations and the business sector, inside and outside the region for the identification of talents that contribute to:

-Paticipation in spaces of reflection and analysis in a wide variety of subject areas.


-The incorporation to specialized teams for technical assistance based on the needs of each institution or public administration.


-Integration into a bank of specialists for training processes.


-The disclosure of the personal file in an annual virtual publication "Directory of Specialists in Public Administration".

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