Differentiating experience
de nuestros programas académicos

Specialize in Public Administration with various emphasis.

Focus on management.

Provide a regional perspective.

Allow theoretical-practical linking.

Integrate teaching and research.

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Siete principios
guían nuestro accionar académico

  • Garantee educational innovation.
  • Promote the investigation.
  • Encourage ethical values.
  • Respect the plurality of ideas.
  • Manage quality training.
  • Promote learning communities.
  • Promote programs relevant to reality.

Benefits of studying at ICAP

More than 2400 professionals at the managerial and management level trained in Public Administration.

Study in a regional international organization specialized in Public Administration.

We develop academic programs in all countries of the region.

Titles with automatic validity in: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.

Semiprescence and virtual programs compatible with the working day.

65 years leading training processes throughout the region.

International teachers.

Easy payment in monthly installments.