Programa de Internships

External Bonding Program, Internships and Supervised Practice

This program emerges as a technical training arm and transfer of skills and abilities in support of the fulfillment of the strategic objectives of ICAP.

The pillars of this program are educational innovation, the participation of the academic community and the Central American youth, and the creation of spaces that foster regional integration.

Program Modalities


It is a workspace to put into practice the knowledge acquired, which allows contributing to the professional growth of the interested party

Supervised practice

It offers space for students who are in the final phase of their undergraduate and graduate studies to perform their professional practice at ICAP


Once accepted as an intern in the program, you can apply for a scholarship holder to receive financial support for your duties

Research stay

It offers the opportunity to conduct research in thematic areas of interest of ICAP

Thematic and interest areas

The three modalities of the program include a series of thematic categories that serve to guide the interested party in the ICAP work overview

  • Public Management, Governance and Governance.
  •  Innovation, technology and sustainable development.
  •  Models and Dynamics of Integration processes
  • Development Project Management
  • Competitiveness and economic development
  • Human talent management in organizations
  • Frequent questions

    What are the Modalities of the program?

    This program has four modalities:

    • Internships

      or   Scholars

    • Supervised practice

      Research stay

    What is the duration of the Internship?

  • This internship program is designed for applicants to apply for stays of three or six months for internship, scholar and research stay modalities.
    In the case of the Supervised Practice when making the request, the amount of hours that the intern must fulfill must be specified.
  • Is there financial support for interns?

  • Those who apply to participate in this program must bear all the costs of transportation, stay and food in the period in which the internship takes place, the ICAP may not cover any type of expense for the realization of field work and stay in Costa Rica.

    The only financial contribution that will be made will be assigned to who applies for the scholarship modality and after an analysis of the case, an economic collaboration will be assigned, which will correct food and internal transportation expenses.

    In any case, ICAP is willing to support internship scholarships with other institutions, so it is willing to generate the necessary documentation (letters of acceptance) to support the intern in the management of external financial support.

  • How is the process of interns selection?

  • Once the deadline for receiving applications is over, the participants of the program are selected according to the modality.


    For the internship and internship modality:


    Once the request is received, it will be determined if it meets the requested guidelines, then a list will be determined, with which an interview will be concentrated with the Research and Extension Coordinator, in this the applicants' interests will be evaluated and their profile will be verified.

    In the case of international students, the steps will be taken
    so that the interview is virtual.


    For the professional practice modality:

    Upon the reception of the request and the letter of intent, the investigation and extension coordination will evaluate the applications and call the applicants for an interview. Once the requirements have been met and accepted in the program, the functions and the department where you can carry out the professional practice will be assigned, assigning a manager according to the work area.


    For the modality of investigative stay:

    he research will be evaluated according to the programs and projects maintained by ICAP and it will be determined whether it is approved or not.


    Within an approximate period of 15 business days after the interview for the internship and intern applicants, and 8 business days for the internship seekers, the interested parties will be informed by means of a letter (email) Your request, if admitted, will include a series of indications to take into account (start and end dates, information of the work area and manager).

  • Para más detalles

    What are the themes that ICAP works?

  • The work landscape of ICAP; It is characterized by being intersectoral and interdisciplinary, constructivist and that is also continuously improving and adapting, some of the areas in which ICAP generates research and academic programs and projects are:



    Public Management, Governance and Governance.

    Public finances

    Public Procurement Management

    National and Regional Security

    Quality Management

    Health management

    Public Policies

    Cross Border Security

    Public Employment

    Institutional Economy

    Formulation, execution and evaluation of public policies

    Organizational Development

    Strategic management

    Strategic planning

    Results Management

    Ethics, transparency and accountability

    Innovation, technology and sustainable development.

    Information and Communication Technologies, ICTs for Public Management and Regional Integration

    Innovation and Social Inclusion

    Knowledge Management

    Prospective analysis

    Environmental Management and Local Development

    Environmental Project Management

    Projects with a gender perspective

    Female empowerment

    Models and Dynamics of Integration processes

    Regional integration

    International Trade Negotiations and

    International cooperation

    Regional Public Goods

    Regional Integration Models (European Union, CARICOM, MERCOSUR, Pacific Alliance, etc.)

    Development Project Management

    Evaluation of Projects for Development

    Project Execution Management

    financiera de proyectos

    Economic-social evaluation

    Environmental impact assessment of projects

    Risk assessment for projects

    Ex post evaluation of projects

    Competitiveness and economic development

    Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

    Productive and value chains

    Public-Private Partnerships


    Commerce, exports and logistics


    Productive chains


    Human talent management in organizations

    Soft skills:


    Appreciative Leadership

    Teamwork, negotiation and conflict resolution

    Emotional Intelligence

    Team Coaching

    Appreciative Inquiry

    Strategic thinking

    Interpersonal Relations, etc.

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