ICAP Innovation and Training Center in Panama

ICAP has a wide range of services that include postgraduate programs master´s level, specialized courses and training, advice, consulting and international cooperation projects.

Our services are executed in various Central American countries and are aimed at generating an impact on public institutions, strengthening their capacities and promoting the development of the region

Distinctive seal of our ICAP services

Institutional Nature

Autonomy to sign agreements and contract directly.


Competence to work with central government, decentralized institutions and local governments.


Inmediate response to the requests and requirements of the institutions.

Thematic diversity

Wide handling of various themes.

Inauguration of the ICAP Innovation and Training Center in Panama

With more than 64 years transforming and innovating the public sector in the region, the Central American Institute of Public Administration (ICAP), a dynamic human talent and integration partner, opens its doors in the knowledge management platform, City of Knowledge in Panama.

Following the highest quality standards and a portofolio of specialized services, ICAP expands its services at the Innovation and Training Center, with an innovative offer capable of taking on the challenges of the country and the region.

We design academic, advisory and accompaniment programs, agile for professionals, companies and government.

At ICAP we train regional leaders prepared to face the great challenges of a region full of oportunities.

We are a center of excellence for the generation, innovation and dissemination of knowledge in order to strengthen the region.

Where are we located?

Visit Us! In Panama City, in the City of Knowledge, building 148A.

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