Technical Assistance

ICAP offers a wide range of high value solutions for your organization that strengthen culture and results-oriented performance.

Our technical assistance services are offered throughout the region, with special emphasis on Central America and the Dominican Republic, with a worldwide network of specialists.

Distinctive seal of our ICAP services

Institutional Nature

Autonomy to sign agreements and contract directly


Competence to work with central government, decentralized institutions and local governments


Immediate response to the requests and requirements of the institutions

Thematic diversity

Wide handling of various topics

We provide solutions through:

Services for organizations

Together with organizations interested in our services, projects that meet their needs are established, considering the context and target audience of the institution.

Cooperation projects

ICAP joins international organizations through international cooperation funds to meet regional needs and challenges, through projects that drive the development of Central America.

Continuing Education Programs

Through the training program, we provide the public with possibilities for training in varied subjects to meet the needs in the development of human talent in the Central American region through courses, diplomas, workshops and seminars.

Our specialization Topics

The topics of specialization offered by ICAP are aligned with the development agendas of the SICA countries, and with the challenges that national, regional and global reality represent for Central American countries and public institutions.

Human talent management in organizations

  •    Soft skills
  •    Communication
  •    Appreciative Leadership
  •    Teamwork, negotiation and conflict resolution
  •    Emotional intelligence
  •    Team coaching
  •    Appreciative Inquiry
  •    Strategic thinking
  •    Interpersonal relationship

Public management and local management

  •    Formulation, execution and evaluation of public policies
  •    Strategic planning
  •    Strategic management
  •    Transparency and prevention of administrative corruption
  •    Development Project Management
  •    Accountability
  •    Public governance
  •    Gender, diversity and equity
  •    Municipal management and decentralization
  •    Environmental management and local, regional and territorial development
  •    Risk management
  •    Resilience in local management
  •    Regional Public Goods
  •    Violence prevention
  •    Public - Private Associations
  •    Health management
  •    Social management

Development Project Management

  •    Development project formulation
  •    Project Execution Management
  •    Financial evaluation of projects
  •    Economic evaluation - social
  •    Note of environmental impact of projects
  •    Risk assessment for projects
  •    Expost evaluation of projects

Management for innovation and organizational development

  •    Arquitectura de procesos innovadores
  •    Change management
  •    Quality Management
  •    Management for results
  •    Management by competences
  •    Innovation for the effectiveness of organizations

Financial administration

  •    Public investment
  •    Public Finance Administration
  •    Results Budget
  •    Budget analysis
  •    Public accounting
  •    Internal control
  •    Institutional risk assessment and SEVRI
  •    Management of public purchases
  •    Contract management
  •    Banking and Development

Entrepreneurship and business development

  •    Innovation, competitiveness and adaptation to the business environment
  •    Productive chains, models and approaches
  •    Corporate social responsibility